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"The magnet is so strong, you could literally pick your device up from the floor with your charging cable."

"We highly recommend the iCharge Pro Cable because it is very convenient to have one charging cable to fit all devices."

"You won't find a single charging cable on the market that compares to the value and power offered by the iCharge Pro Cable."

"iCharge pro cable tops our Best charging cables list as it is the solution to many of your charging cable headaches."

Why The iCharge Pro Cable? Well Because It's...

Military Grade Durability

Composed of military-grade nylon to outlast the competition.

Ultra Compatibility

Can charge almost any device you put in it's way. 

Strong Magnetic Force

Built with a super thick magnet that will charge your device while it's hanging in mid-air.

Device Protection Feature

Protects your device’s charging port from dust, sweat, liquid splashes, dirt, grime, sand, lint, and other debris. 

Our Mission

iCharge Devices is committed to satisfying and delighting our customers by providing high quality charging devices that will make life easier. has included us in their list of Top 5 charging cables to have

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What Makes The iCharge Pro Cable So Special?

Fast Charge Capabilities

Ability To Turn 360¬į

Ability To Bend 180¬į

Supports Data Transfer

Built-In LED Indicator

Single Hand Operational