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Our Magnetic Charging Cable Made Wafter's Top 5 List of Charging Cables

June 10, 2020 1 min read


We are very thrilled to announce that has included us in their list of Top 5 charging cables to have. We are forever thankful that a highly reputed tech-savvy blog like not only incorporated us on the top 5 list of chargers to have but listed us in the number one spot. The team at spoke very highly about our iCharge pro cable and I must say they enraptured their blog perfectly. is an acronym for Web and is an active tech blog that was originally started by Thomas Androws. Thomas Androws is a digital analyst and blogger from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He founded on May 1, 2013. His original idea and purpose of creation of this blog were to create a platform that speaks and provides real hand information about Social Networks, Search Engines which are booming in the current scenario as the businesses have taken up their marketing largely on the digital surface for better creation of leads and customer satisfaction.

The blog also hands out Internet Tips and Tricks to help you surf the Internet smarter to help users experience the digital world effectively and efficiently according to their needs. This blog serves well to all its readers as its main objective is to deliver people with an everyday basis as well as advanced internet knowledge.


See what they said about our iCharge Pro Cable -



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