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Post-Pandemic Back to School Necessities

August 27, 2020 3 min read


After a strange summer dominated by coronavirus concerns, school is back in session. Many families are opting to attend school online, and universities are requiring remote learning as students go back to school. This is a new experience for most, and it will take some work. We’ve put together a list of the back to school gear you’ll need to succeed with your online learning endeavors.


A Reliable Computer and Internet Access is a Must

As you set up your learning and study space, make sure that you have a good quality computer and reliable internet connection.


The last thing you want is for your computer to freeze when you need it most. You probably don’t need brand new equipment, but it’s worth getting your computer tuned up and cleared of viruses if you’re experiencing issues. If you need a new computer, remember that refurbished models are reliable and affordable. Ask your computer shop if they have any back to school deals.


Trusty internet access is a must. You’ll be in hot water if your internet cuts out in the middle of a Zoom class or a timed exam. Consider getting a hotspot or upgrading your internet speed package if your connection tends to be spotty or slow.


Back to School Still Means Traditional School Supplies 


Although your classes will be online, it is just as important to have the same school supplies that you would use in a physical class.


With so much individual work and studying, note-taking is crucial. Studies have shown that taking notes by hand requires digesting and summarizing information, resulting in a stronger understanding of material and concepts. We suggest you take a back to school shopping trip for paper, pens, pencils, highlighters, and a notebook or binder for each class.


Set up a Suitable Workspace

Create a workspace dedicated to school. Whether this is a whole office or a designated desk, keeping this area separate from the kitchen table, couch and bed will promote learning and productivity. It will keep boundaries in place and prevent you from feeling like your home is a work environment.


Get a Good Pair of Headphones

A decent pair of noise-canceling headphones is necessary for successful learning. In a shared space, it will disturb others if they can hear the lecture you’re listening to. Good headphones will also keep you from being distracted by outside noises while you’re trying to focus. Headphones with a built-in microphone ensure that your instructors and classmates can hear you when you ask or answer a question. Check for back to school sales or student discounts at your favorite gadget store.


Keep a Smartphone and Phone Charger, Handy

Smartphones are a back to school necessity, offering a level of access, communication, and learning applications above and beyond what a student gains from a traditional textbook-only curriculum.


This is even more true in the case of remote learning. As we go back to school differently than ever before, smartphones allow for easy communication between students and instructors and can act as a backup for video conferencing. They offer applications that support various learning styles, make file-sharing seamless, include tools like calculators, and allow you to set reminders and receive notifications that keep you from falling behind.


Of course, when using a smartphone and other gadgets, you need a reliable charger. Magnetic charging cables are the best choice, offering longevity, reliability, and versatility. The iCharge Pro Cable is made of durable braided nylon, has three adapter heads that allow you to charge all of your devices, and its magnetic connectors prevent damage to charging ports. You may check out our previous blog post, "7 Reasons Why You Need a Magnetic Charging Cable" to help understand the magnitude of our cable. It’s the only charging cable out there that will seamlessly support your work and technology needs as you go back to school.  

Don’t fret about this school year. Get the supplies you need, make a schedule, communicate with your instructors, and be patient with yourself!

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