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The-Gadgeteer was Amazed with The Strength of Our Magnetic Charging Cable

June 22, 2020 1 min read

Photo of the iCharge Pro Cable by recently did a review of our infamous magnetic high-speed charger. They broke down all of the critical features and capabilities that make the iCharge Pro Cable superior of charging cables. Throughout their review, the gadgeteer detailed precisely what the iCharge Pro Cable is, what you'll get when you open the box, it's specifications, and everything else a consumer would need to know before making their purchase. said, "The magnet is so strong, you could literally pick your device up from the floor with your charging cable."

They even went into close detail by providing a homemade video demonstrating the strength of the iCharge Pro Cable's magnet. 


Towards the end of the article, the writer explained what they liked about the charger in addition to what they would change about it. The review included many pictures which help customers get a real-time look at the product they're purchasing before doing so.

By looking at the review posted, it's clear that Gadgeteer was trying to provide as comprehensive of a review as possible of the charger, and they did just that.


To read more of the's review CLICK HERE.


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