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7 Reasons You Need a Magnetic Charging Cable #Infographic

July 08, 2020 6 min read 1 Comment


7 Reasons You Need a Magnetic Charging Cable #Infographic


Of all the accessories that are available for our mobile devices and smartphones, the charger is the most essential. That being said, don’t waste your money on just any charger. If you’re searching for a charger that offers durability, functionality, and effectiveness, a magnetic charging cable is what you need. This post breaks down the seven reasons why you need a magnetic charging cable.


1. Three in One

Tired of having so many different charging cords? If so, get yourself a magnetic charging cable. Magnetic charging cables come with three different adapter heads: one that fits iOS (Apple devices), one for micro USB devices, and one for type C devices. Having all three of these attachments is a game-changer. You can charge your Bluetooth speaker, game system controller, cell phone, and wireless headphones all with one cord. Eliminate the clutter and stop wasting time searching the house for the correct cord.


2. They Have a Promising Future

Regardless of the type of charging cable you buy, there are three common materials that you'll find on the market: braided nylon, rubber, and metal. Each of these has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s compare the three most common charging cable materials.


  • Rubber is the most readily found material on the charging cable market. Rubber, of course, is very flexible, making it easy to charge your phone in a variety of positions. However, its flexibility is also its downfall when it comes to durability. Rubber cords tend to split easily and require frequent replacement.


  • Metal charging cables are nowhere near as flexible as rubber ones, but metal has the advantage over rubber in durability. Metal cables can withstand harsher wear and tear than rubber, so they are a good option for those who are tired of owning charging cables that split and break. Metal charging cables also come with zinc alloy charging heads that sustain proper voltage flow to deliver a consistent charge.


  • Braided nylon charging cables can be seen as a hybrid between metal and rubber cables, as they offer flexibility while also being able to withstand severe stress. Braided nylon charging cables last the longest in comparison to both metal and rubber.


Standard charging cables are built to be quickly replaced, but magnetic charging cables are designed to stand the test of time. The strongest magnetic charging cable is made out of braided nylon because it offers the best of flexibility and durability. Some magnetic charging cables even include a 30-day or lifetime warranty, which you’ll never get with a regular charging cable.


3. They Save You Money

Magnetic charging cables pay for themselves quickly and save you money in the long run, because they are not prone to damage like standard cables are. Standard cables are known to damage the charging port on phones. On average, it costs about $100 to replace a damaged charging port, though if your phone's motherboard is also damaged, replacing the port could cost $350 or more.


With a magnetic charging cable, you can insert the charging adapter into your phone and leave it there; the magnet will connect and disconnect separately from the adapter. This reduces the number of times that you have to plug in and unplug your charging cable throughout the day; all you have to do is align the adapter with the magnet to begin charging your device.


Magnetic charging adapters provide protection for your charging port against liquid, sweat, dust, and more. This increases the lifespan of your device and, ultimately, saves you money.


4. Some Have Fast Charge Capabilities

Some magnetic charging cables have fast-charge capabilities. Fast charging reduces the time it takes for the battery to acquire enough power to use your device. This feature has increased in popularity for a variety of reasons.


USB Power Delivery, a fast-charge feature, powers an iPhone 8 from 0% to 50% in 30 minutes. If you have an iPad Pro, the charging system recharges from 0% to 50% in 60 minutes.

Fast charging means less time that your phone is plugged in, improving its mobility and usability.


Furthermore, fast charging has a temperature-sensitive design and is equipped with software and hardware failsafe mechanisms. These failsafe mechanisms reduce or halt the charge rate when the device is at peak temperature in order to prevent your battery from overheating and power surge. These design features protect the integrity and capability or your battery.


Shop carefully, because not all magnetic charging cables come with fast charging capabilities. Read the product description thoroughly to determine if a charger has fast charging capabilities. Most brands may also be contacted directly by email and will answer your questions.


5. Some Can Transfer Data

Data transfer involves sharing data between two devices using computing technologies. This data is transmitted in the form of bytes and bits. Many magnetic charging cables are designed to allow you to share data between your smartphone and other devices, though not all of them support this feature. 


The primary reason some magnetic cables don't support data transfer is to minimize the cost of manufacturing. Charging cables with data-sharing capability are designed with superior and unique materials. Data transfer is only possible if the cable has positive and negative wires anddata exchange wires. Look for data transfer capability when purchasing a magnetic charging cable.


6. You Only Need One Hand

The standard way of charging your smartphone is a thing of the past. Making sure that the pins are aligned correctly with the port on your phone, just to get a charge, can be frustrating. Especially so when you roll over in the middle of the night only to discover that the charger was never actually plugged in! How many times has this happened to you? What about trying to find your charger and connect it to your smartphone when the lights are off?


Magnetic charging cables allow you to simply pick up the cable and place it near your phone; some are even equipped with a bright LED light that helps you find your charging cable in the dark. When you’re ready to connect your charger, the reversible design and magnetic force do the work for you. All you have to do is insert the magnetic adapter. It is highly encouraged to leave the adapter in your device because it protects your charging port from dirt and debris.


Magnetic charging cables come with magnets of different sizes. Larger magnets are able to hold more charge capacity, resulting in faster and more sustained charges. The best magnet size for most smartphones is about 9mm, as it provides even and steady power distribution. A 7mm magnet may be suitable for a smaller phone and will most likely fit inside of its case, but it will take a long time to charge a newer model iPhone.


Magnetic charging cables make it possible to charge your device with one hand. It’s a multitasker's dream charging cable because it takes less time and effort to charge a phone. Magnetic charging cables are also helpful accessories for individuals with disabilities, eliminating the need to use two hands to charge their devices.


7. Magnetic Charging Cables Are the New Wave

People are now viewing magnetic charging cables as the new wave of chargers. Most people are tired of traditional phone chargers and their disadvantages, as explained above. Standard charging cables may get the job done, but magnetic charging cables are more convenient, last longer, and are capable of features like fast charging and data transfer. However, the market is still flooded with low-quality magnetic charging cables. Don’t waste your time and money on anything that’s not the best.


We’re proud to say that our magnetic charging cable is, pound-for-pound, better than the others. What makes us so confident? It’s easy. Every reason listed above applies to our magnetic charging cable. What’s more, you don’t even need to leave the house to upgrade your charger. Click here to purchase the iCharge Pro Cable.


Here is an infographic to make things easier.

7 Reasons You Need a Magnetic Charging Cable

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1 Response

Julius Howard Bach
Julius Howard Bach

August 25, 2020

Like most people I’m having trouble with the type c connection to the IPad 12.9. I use this IPad for monitor whlie flying drones. Is this cord able to transfer data between devices?

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