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Undercover Blogger Turns Into Repeat Customer!

July 17, 2020 2 min read

Undercover Blogger Turns Into Repeat Customer!

Awhile back, we received an email from an enthusiastic customer who purchased our product and had raving things to say about it. In the email, the customer talked about how she purchased the iCharge Pro Cable and was shocked at how great of an addition it was to her arsenal of smart device. What we didn’t know was that the review was sent to us by an experienced travel blogger by the name of Donna who runs her own personal blog site. is a personal blog started by Donna B. McNicol in 2012 to help her re-enter the world of writing as she had been blogging about her life experience since 2006. The primary purpose of is to provide people with an up-close look into all the travels and adventures that Donna has from her perspective.

Donna placed her first order for an iCharge Pro Cable about a month ago and received it in a few days, after using the iCharge Pro Cable for a week, Donna placed another order for her second iCharge Pro Cable weeks after her first one due to how pleased she was with the product. Donna was so excited about the iCharge Pro Cable that Donna actually contacted us and told us that she would be posting a complimentary review of our product on her site.

After listening to Donna's struggles over the years as it relates to organizing the right charging cables to use, we knew we were on the right track with this product as Donna has really been one of our stand-out customer testimonials.

Visit Today to See the Review for Yourself

Donna provides an in-depth review of the iCharge Pro Cable from a completely personalized perspective, which can help interested buyers like yourself get an up-close view of the practical benefits that the iCharge Pro Cable offers.

To check out the full review, click this link.



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