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3 in 1 Universal Magnetic Charging Cable, iCharge Pro Cable


 The #1 Rated Phone Charger of 2020!

The iCharge Pro Cable is a universal magnetic charging cable optimized for superior performance and extreme durability.

Tired of Fraying Cables?



The iCharge Pro Cable is Anti-Fray!

Inspired by the 550 Paracord, which is a nylon cord developed to act as a suspension line for parachutes used by airborne military units, the iCharge Pro Cable was composed of military-grade wear-resistant nylon. It was tested over 30,000 times to ensure its capabilities to withstand through severe conditions.

Tired of Debris Clogging Charging Port?


The iCharge Pro Cable Offers You 24/7 Device Protection!

There's no need to spend tons of money on fancy tools to clean out your device's charging port. The iCharge Pro Cable comes equipped with 3 charging adaptors that act as a barrier between your device’s charging port and the outside world. Each of the 3 charging adaptors protects your devices against dust, sweat, liquid splashes, dirt, grime, sand, lint, and other debris. This remarkable feature will not only save you tons of money in the long run but increase the lifespan of your device as well.

2 Problems Solved & Many More Impressive Features to Go...

  • Ultra Compatibility: Imagine using one charging cable for virtually every device you own inside of your household? The iCharge Pro Cable offers an astronomical amount of versatility as it allows you to switch between devices with a single cable in an instance.
  • Strong Magnetic Force: Attached to its nylon body is a super thick magnet that will allow your device to hang in mid-air while charging.

  • Perfect For Gaming: Its 180° flexibility combined with an impeccable ability to rotate 360° to generate the ability to adjust for maximum comfortability.

  • One-Hand Operation: Great to use for people with disabilities or multi-takers.

  • LED Indicator: Built-in super bright blue light that illuminates when the cable is active making it easy to find in the dark.

  • Supports Data Transfer: Allows you to connect to other devices and share music, photos, and etc.

  • Fast Charge Capabilities: Powers your devices faster than conventional charging, allowing you to spend less time connected to outlets. 


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    All 3 Adapters Are Included To Guarantee Compatibility👇